Fight Another Day

I had a few rough days, and tougher nights.

Black man in America.

Guess I inherited that plight. Still.

This brick road was never golden.

So many forks before me.

Trippin here, there, and everywhere.

By the time I looked up.

I didn’t know that I was lost.

Down to ride, be a man, stick it through. Whatever the cost.

How’d I end up here.

I haven’t been me since been since.

What reality is this.

For real.


Thoughts so explicit.

Borderline illicit.

I’m cool though.

I refuse to be a victim of life.

Nor circumstance and happenstance.

Hope is on fleek.

Faith so lit it outshines the sun.


3rd man Green.

One man team.

I will not lose.


God Body

Awareness of self x self awareness is key.

In the mathematics of me x what you can and can’t see.

Through heightened knowledge of self, I merge my mind x body.

Wisdom knowledge peace x understanding infuses Gods body.

Built in the image of God, I thrive in mans body.

So Arm leg leg arm head – this is God-body


Thoughts raging and Mind grazing

Food for thought

Growth screaming

Realization streaming

My Life

It’s about that time

Spit a rhyme

Guilty of the crime

Word bandit

Stolen phrases

I’m the alphabet burglar

Quips come faster than hotrods at the Burgess

Fiercer than B

Realer than He


Down the hatch

Sway forth

March forth

Go forth

And get back

Double time

On my time

It’s about that time

You dig

Cause I dug

Torn no more

Forlorn no more

I’m letting go

Moving on

Love is poison

I’m enraged because it’s me cupid’s chosen

He who the cherub has condemned

Emboldened past slightly



Once more into the fray

True to me until the grey

Until my dying day

It’s me

Always me

Been me

It’s just


RichnerD Daily Tip

We are prisoners of that which goes unsaid. For anything but the truth, is a lie. You must find the strength within yourself, to be honest with, and for, yourself.

Alas, A sharp tongue may cut. Tis better to be their ear than your cheek.

Speak your truth or live a lie. The choice is ultimately yours. But know this, a burden which is set free will no longer shackle you.

Just my 3rd cents.

RichnerD Daily Tip

When life happens, the choices/decisions that you make ultimately determine your fate. To that end, when you get that basket of lemons, go ahead and make some lemonade. But me, I’d rather whip up some wings and a whiskey sour. #1stworldproblems #3rdmangreen #justmy3rdcents #bedifferent


Headset on. Checked out. You’re a spaced ghost. Tuned in to tune out. Reality’s forever augmented when virtual. Headset off. Yet, here in the real world the lines still blur. You can have four eyes and never see. Third eye blind. See, vision and sight are two different things. Foresight’s subjective. Hindsight’s reflective. The two never aligning, and non collective. I wonder. Is believing seeing, or is seeing believing? Damn. Head spun. A stressed one cause stress won. Internally screamin, emotionally steamin, mentally feenin, for silence. A piece of peace. So you can sit and be still. Then revel in the nothingness. The quietness. The emptiness. The less that’s, well, more. Through all life’s works there’s never been a finer score. Eyes no longer wide shut. Blind no more. Sightless no more. Augmented no more. But in focus. You’ve made it. Wake up. Reality is so so def.

RichnerD Daily Tip

RichnerD Daily Tip

Never be afraid to ask for and/or accept help from another. Being able to admit that you don’t know something, opens the door for you to be able to learn. Learning more oft than not, can be achieved through interpersonal communications. Humility doesn’t denote weakness, but the presence of growth. Have you had any conversations today..?

Just my 3rd cents

Daily Tip

RichnerD Daily Tip

Working hard most assuredly gets you where you want to go, but playing hard is preventative maintenance for the stressed soul. Take some “me” time every now and then to recharge the mind, rest the body and rekindle the fire that burns within. After all, if you burn out, where will you be then..?

Just my 3rd cents

Daily Tip

RichnerD Daily Tip

Take ownership of your rights and your wrongs. Finding a scapegoat when things go awry does not foster growth. learning doesn’t stop in the classroom, but continues through the school of life. A lesson learned through life, is wisdom gained. Grow wise beyond your years.

Just my 3rd cents

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